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What in the world?!?!

Posted on 2016.04.25 at 14:14
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OK, so long time no post, but I've been busy. Life has been stupid & awful & life-changing (& not in the good way). But I wanted to post something that seems so ridiculous to me that I can't believe it's happening in 2016.

Anyway, there is a group called American Family Association (AFA) who protest against abortion, pornography & homosexuality (among other things). They say they are Christians but thrive on scare tactics. Recently, they are starting petitions & calling on their people to boycott Target (cuz Target stands by their choice to let transgenders use whichever bathroom by which they gender-identify) -- in the past they rallied against Paypal for Paypal's refusal to build an office in NC. I went to their site & read some of the articles/comments -- wow, am I disappointed/disgusted in humanity right now. Their basic stance is that if a male "feels like a woman" on the day on their Target visit & used the women's bathroom it would be for perverted reasons.

I posted a comment trying to educate some of them of the baseless & incorrect assumptions/fears/whatever-you-want-to-call-their-line-of-BS. I checked back to see if it would actually post & what do you know?

It didn't. Apparently the AFA reserves the right to pick & choose which comments get posted publicly. Of course they do. SMH

In any event, here is my comment:

"The backwards thinking of this group (AFA) is what's wrong with society today. ALL people deserve respect -- regardless of their color, religious beliefs, gender, or gender-identity. Stop spreading hate under the guise of freedom!!

What you are actually saying is that you'd want a transgender male (female by birth) to use the ladies' bathrooms. If/when that happens, you all would be the first to throw a fit! It's comical that you keep using the transgender female (male by birth) in your arguments, saying that if a male "feels like a woman today" you take issue with that individual in the ladies' bathroom, as that would be something completely different (transvestite). Transsexual individuals are typically in the process of becoming whichever gender they associate themselves with, while transgenders have gone through the process. Neither transsexual or transgendered individuals decide their gender-identity on a whim -- unlike your ridiculous theories -- it's who they believe they truly are.

You know what is worse?? When a man has to bring his small daughter into the men's room so she can use the bathroom -- men's bathrooms are typically more poorly attended than women's (not to mention that one frequently must pass the urinals to get to a stall). Why are none of you extolling the virtues of a family bathroom & trying to get more businesses/restaurants to incorporate these upon their premises??

And before anyone says anything, I am a female (female by birth). It just sickens me that there are still people subscribing to the "an acorn dropped, so the sky must be falling" fearmongering mentality."

To me, this is just inexcusable as that documentary Morgan Freeman made in 2012 about the segregated prom in Mississippi. (A high school decided to hold TWO proms -- one white & one for everyone else -- & the whole thing was sickening. MF even offered to pay for the entire prom himself if the school would just do 1 prom -- they turned him down. WTF???)

PS -- In case I have any of my terms crossed, please let me know. (My point was that everyone should be treated humanely/respectfully, so I would like my stance to be as factual in this regards as possible -- cuz knowing is half the battle...)


Happy 4th, everyone!

Posted on 2013.07.04 at 14:34
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ID 2013


Happy Holidays!

Posted on 2012.01.01 at 12:25
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One of the forums I belong to does Secret Santa every year. Every year that I've participated, my Santa has been amazing! Here are pics of my gift this year:

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If you are a Seller on Ebay, You NEED to read this post!

Posted on 2011.10.21 at 18:46
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This isn't how I wanted to update my LJ, but this warrants a public warning. I've always typically gotten fast food kids' meals -- primarily for the toys -- but recently the bf said I need to get rid of them. So I put them on eBay. In doing so, I had the misfortune of encountering one of the WORST buyers on eBay.

The end of Sept 2011, a buyer with the eBay ID apprentice_sniper was the winning bidder of a complete 2002 McDonald's Disney's Return to Neverland pirate ship, listed as loose & used but in really good condition. (Some have called this particular Happy Meal set one of the nicest McDonald's has ever released. I've had mine displayed out in the living room since I got it.) He paid promptly & I shipped out his package.

The first week in Oct, he messaged me demanding a refund for selling him something that was broken. I assured him that nothing was broken when I shipped it & that he could return it to me for a refund. He opened a "Not as Described" case, then the next day responded that he would be shipping the item back asap with tracking.

For those not in the know, the case is open for 7 days (to allow buyers/sellers to work things out) before it gets serious. On Day 6, I escalated the case because I received neither the package nor any tracking. eBay hadn't received any info about tracking either & told me that they'd decide the case within 72 hours -- extremely likely in my favor as he failed to return the item.

Within that time (and IMHO due to the email from eBay saying exactly that, acting like a kick in his ass) he got his lazy butt to the PO to mail it out.

So it arrived today. The section that was "broken" wasn't just broken -- it was pulverized. The buyer smashed it with a hammer or a mallet or something. Here are some key photos. (They're kind of big to see the details.)

This is the end piece (which connected to the "broken" piece). The circles highlight the places where he shoved a screwdriver (or something) into the seams to try & break it. This piece has far more screws holding it together than the others, so he must have given up.

This is part of the piece he said was "broken" upon delivery. You can see from the circles that the top one is a mark from whatever he used to destroy this ship section. The 2nd circle is another place where he shoved the screwdriver into the seam to break it. The split is clean along the seam. (It's held together with masking tape for the photo.) When I shipped this out, I left the main body of the pirate ship connected together (& wrapped tightly) to prevent damage during shipping. The broken bit in this pic is from the inner side of the section piece (where it connects to the next section). The only way this section piece could have gotten broken is that the buyer opened the package & INTENTIONALLY destroyed it.

I spoke to eBay immediately & sent them photos of his bullshit. The dude to whom I spoke was horrified. I also told him that I didn't care to ever deal with this loser ever again, so they could refund his money or do whatever. They did refund, but I was reimbursed for his douchebaggery.

The part that makes me super frustrated is that -- even tho the refund money didn't come out of my pocket -- I have a very damaged set that I can't sell to the bidders this ass outbid. The section that he destroyed seems to be the most expensive one of the set.

I don't know if he got buyer's remorse, or if he's just a jerk. So BEWARE in any dealings with him you may have.


This is Halloween!

Posted on 2010.10.31 at 14:21
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In honor of the holiday, here are a smattering of photos I've taken.

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Easter candy!

Posted on 2010.04.02 at 12:35
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Easter's on Sunday, but I haven't had any craving for sweets lately. Here's something inedible but just as sugar-y for the holidays:

~~ Cross-posted to my other blog as well ~~


Free Willy

Posted on 2010.03.16 at 15:10
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As soon as I found out we were travelling to Scotland, Willie was someone I had to take with me.

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Belated Halloween treats.

Posted on 2009.11.07 at 14:38
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I adjusted the colors to fit with the colors used in the book. In my mind, this is right before Max decides he wants to go home.

I got side-tracked before I could update for Halloween, so here are some of the photos I took. Better late than never.

Poor Domo. It took him a while to figure out why he wasn't getting any candy.

I hope everyone got lots of candy!


Sunday... Sunday... SUNDAY!!

Posted on 2008.10.10 at 09:39
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This Sunday, October 12, is a special day. One of my favorite cartoons is The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy -- mostly cuz I wanna be Mandy when I grow up. Well, CartoonNetwork has ended its run, to make way for other projects (some of which aren't nearly as good). But the man behind this modern marvel is back with another project:

Underfist! (Their motto? We don't give the bad guys a hand, we give them a FIST!!)

(artwork property of Maxwell Atoms.)

Do me a favor & watch it, will you? If not in support of me or its creator's genius, then cuz of the upcoming holiday (Halloween).


Truly poor customer service -- or how to drive away repeat business

Posted on 2008.09.29 at 10:19
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Really, the whole experience is more like "thanks for your money, sucker!" than anything else. Ok, here's the story:

On Sept 9, I placed an order on ToyWiz.com -- and in doing so, I was charged the entire amount. A few days later, I get an email saying that my order would be delayed 1-2 weeks due to an item being out of stock. (Complete with the prefunctory "We make every effort to prevent this sort of situation and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience to you. Please rest assured that we are making every effort to get your items to you as fast as possible.")

Funnily enough tho, the item was still in stock later that day, despite the email. So I sent an email back -- basically asking what sort of clownshoes operation they run as the item still shows as "being in-stock" (so it's able to be ordered) & that for a first-time customer, I'm not impressed (& there's no way I'll ever do business with them again).

Here's a quote from the responding email:

"I apologize for all the confusion and delays, we are under a certain amount of duress as a result of the coming holidays. While preparing for the expected influx of holiday orders our current customers suffered."

WTF?? I'm confused as to which holiday they (a US-based company) were referring. Rosh Hashana? Columbus Day?

Then, on Friday, I get an urgent email from them -- I need to contact them immediately. I do & I'm told that there's no way they'll be able to restock the item, so I'm out of luck. But would I care to find a replacement item? Hell no! I said that I wanted a refund. I was told "no problem" -- the refund would be processed immediately & I would be receiving an email with the shipping info.

As of this morning, no email. So I call about 10 minutes after their listed business hours -- no answer. I try again a few minutes later & the rep that answered (very nice, by the way) tried for several minutes to get her supervisor to pick up his line. She even became frustrated cuz she had no clue why he wouldn't answer.

Way to hide from your customer service issues, guys!!

About 30 minutes later, Steve (the supervisor) calls. He gives me the standard crap -- blah, blah, blah -- but pretty much sucks. Here was his solution for me: instead of placing my future order online, I'm supposed to call & speak to him. He'll do an inventory check before I'm charged & as a bonus, he'll even discount my next order 10%!!

He also told me that my tracking email prolly went to my Spam box -- is strange, cuz all the other emails showed up normally. All in all, complete waste of my time. But I wanted to warn others of this bad experience & I'd recommend avoiding them (ToyWiz.com) like the plague.

Anybody else have a similar experience?

EDIT: An update for those of you who are still contemplating this company. Stay away!! The package arrived today, but they screwed up my order (even more than I thought possible). I just got off the phone with Steve -- honestly, I think he's hating the fact that he came into work this morning. He promised me that this is not the way they do business, but he could not immediately verify the "in-stockness" of the missing item. Either he'll send it out (if they have it) or I'll be refunded yet again.

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